Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs

Exterior Sign is one of the most important marketing strategies for local businesses, as it can be used for both branding and advertising.

Channel Letters & Neon Signs

Amaze your customers and make your business stand out from the pack with custom illuminated or non-lit channel letters and neon signs.


Our three-dimensional channel letters will make your storefront more vibrant than ever before.

Illuminated storefront signs offer maximum visibility from a distance and the attention-grabbing channel letters provide a clear representation of your brand name.

A traditional commercial signage solution, illuminated channel letters are low-maintenance and ideal for your restaurant.

Access Signs can blend visuals in a logo with exquisite 3D letters to make your brand image stand out from the competition.


Looking for that extra touch? Our reverse halo-lit neon signs feature a subtle image of your logo or name with the addition of silhouette lighting to your channel letters.

Neon signage drastically increases the visibility of your logo at night, ensuring the name of your brand stands out when customers drop by your store.


Available for indoor or outdoor signs, our non-lit channel letters can be installed on any wall.

They provide an elegant and cost-effective signage solution, available in a number of materials ranging from Sintra, aluminum, acrylic, and more.

With no access to wiring needed, our non-lit channel letters provide a simple and hassle-free installation.

Push Through Signs & Building Signage

Nothing quite makes your business stand out and grab attention like a push through sign. Our single-faced wall signs offer a classic building signage solution perfectly tailored to your brand identity.


Our push-thru signs provide a classic commercial signage solution that can be integrated on any bulkhead or storefront. Different from our individual channel letters, push-thru signs are a cost-saving option for restaurants searching for the three-dimensional representation of their logo and letters.

Push through signage is a wonderful way to personalize your building due to its incredible versatility. With a wide range of materials, colours and shapes to choose from, you can make sure your sign is everything you imagined it to be.


All great restaurants stand by their branding. What better way to make your brand stand out than with a custom single-faced wall sign? These push through signs come in all shapes and sizes based on your restaurants logo.

Not only is this solution cost-effective, but our single-faced building signage is easy to transport and simple to install, with no interior access to your store required.

Increasing storefront traffic has never been so easy. Attract new customers to your business and increase your brand awareness with a custom single-faced wall sign.

Pylon & Monument Signage

Freestanding pylon and monument signage solutions are the perfect way to make businesses located in shopping centres, office complexes or industrial buildings stand out to passersby.


Pylon signs are the perfect application for strip centres, shopping malls, restaurants, industrial buildings and other shared locations. This form of signage increases visibility for all tenants within these centres.

Our pylon is fabricated from aluminium and steel, allowing us to create a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. In addition, they can include a full-colour high-resolution digital display, also known as electronic message centres.

With many options available, including single-faced, double-faced, illuminated and non-illuminated alternatives, Access Signs will find the perfect pylon signage solution to meet your needs and preferences.


A permanent display with the bottom affixed to the ground, our monument signs will take your brand sophistication to the next level.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our monument signage solutions can be completely customized to meet your needs and preferences.

LED Signage

Modernize your brand image and boost customer engagement with a digital LED signage solution.


Electronic message centers make advertising easy and accessible through digital programming.

Not only do electronic message centers give you the capacity to update your business message with zero hassle, but they are also much more eye-catching than static signage.

Available in nearly any size, our electronic message centers allow companies to advertise their business 24 hours a day.

Having the ability to alter the images that are advertised, gives you all the time you need to promote your brand, upcoming events, share information, and even rent out the space for advertising.


LED signs offer a modern and compelling way to increase traffic to your establishment. No matter what your business or organization, the benefits of LED signage are undeniable:

Studies show increased engagement and sales with LED signs

Greater visibility and brightness

Cost-effective solution

Customized messaging tailored to your brand

Minimal maintenance required

More energy efficient and eco-friendly than traditional lighted signage

Commercial Awnings

Boost your curb appeal with custom-branded commercial awnings for your storefront.


Could your storefront use a decorative touch? Our custom commercial awnings serve as a classic addition to any store. What’s more, they give clients extra space to feature signage or other advertisements.

Awnings provide more room to work with, protecting your clients from the elements while giving your frontage an appealing aesthetic finish.


If you are looking for a unique signage solution for your storefront, custom awnings are a great way to prominently display your branding and come with a host of benefits:

Effective built-in advertising

Reduced energy costs

Sun and weather protection

One-of-a-kind design

Improved visibility